The Warung

Warung is indonesian and stands for a place, where the local people eat and drink.

The Livingroom at Sagres,” The end of the world”.

Here in Sagres, it stands for your favorite living room with a chill out area of couches
and cushions, wireless internet, a pool table, books corner always good music and
a relaxed crowd to hang out with. For sun lovers, check out our two wind sheltered garden terraces with a hangmock and launch chairs.

International Food Heaven

We´re getting famous for our Mexican Burritos, the Cannibal Plate for meat lovers, vegetarian dishes, Salads, 5 different Burgers and many more international food creations, coffees and drinks.

Travellers and Surfers information corner

Since most of us are surfers and used to be travellers, we can always help out with questions about the beaches and where to go and where to get equipment.
We sell second hand boards, sometimes wetsuits and unique postcards with beautiful pictures of the landscape. And if you only want to tell us about your latest great surf session-YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE!

Nightlife @ Warung

At night, there are often DJ´s playing tunes or some good bands rocking
the house with their live music. We have space for larger groups, where we organize private parties or just a dinner with friends.

Kids corner

Kids are also very welcome, since they have their own little playing corner with books, pencils, toys and a huge black board to draw on.

Whatever you wanna do, the reason why we are here is:

Enjoy Life!